Elevator/Escalator Components, Metalworking Machinery and Dies Manufacturer

Nantong Industrious Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of industrial machines and elevator/escalator components. Our company offers heavy-duty machinery such as the magnetic clutch and brake, oilfield equipment, industrial sweeper, and ship environment protection equipment. We provide various types of metal-working machines including the press brake, turret punch, shearing machine, rolling machine, polishing/leveling machine, busbar processing machine, etc. For customers that are browsing for quality elevator and escalator components, we offer the comb plate, escalator handrail, escalator safety brush, escalator step chain, step demarcation, elevator compensation chain, and more. Additionally, we supply industrial materials such as the sound proof rubber band and nylon curing tape for rubber production.

Nantong Industrious Co., Ltd.

Add.: No.82 Xinlai Road, Hai'an Development Zone, Hai'an County, Jiangsu Province, China
Tel.: +86-513-88921876