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We provide plastic handrail guide rail for LG or Sigma escalators. The product is made of PVC or POM. For straight handrail guide, PVC can be used as a low-cost solution. But for curved one, it is better to use POM as the raw material.

Product information is as follows.
DDSA4000C435A: length per piece is 3000mm
DDSA4000C435B: length per piece is 2000mm
DDSA4000C435C: length per piece is 1465mm

High production capacity ensures short lead time. Products are packaged by plywood boxes.

Nantong Industrious is a professional Sigma escalator handrail guide manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a broad range of products, including escalator safety brush, swivel with spinner, gear hobbing machine, natural cooling magnetic powder clutch, and more.

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