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We supply a variety of elevator wire rope sockets with high quality at reasonable price.

1. Wedge socket as per USA/Canada standards
Each wedge socket consists of socket, rod, wedge, 2 nuts, 1 washer, 1 cotter pin and 2 retaining clips. Isolation or spring assembly is provided separately.
Component Specification:
Socket: Cast steel ASTM-A27, Grade 60-30 stress relieved
Rod: Rolled or forged steel ASTM 668
Wedge: Cast steel ASTM-A27, Grade 60-30
Our product is applicable to wire rope with the diameter from 8mm to 19mm.
2. Babbitt socket with Babbitt material
3. Governor rope socket
4. Special steel belt sockets for Schindler elevators

Our products have been exported to the USA, Canada, and Southeast Asia.

We are also capable of developing special products as per customers' requirements or drawings.

As a specialized elevator wire rope wedge socket manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides elevator rollers, natural cooling magnetic powder clutch (input output shaft /seat support), CNC busbar bending machine, and band sawing machine, among others.

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