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The measuring system of the magnetic dynamometer, eddy current dynamometer and hysteresis dynamometer takes the magnetic brake, eddy current brake and hysteresis brake as the loader respectively. The strain gauge, photoelectrical or magneto-electrical speed sensor are the detecting element for measuring the torque and rotating speed. Moreover, the electrical transducer is used to detect voltage, current and other electrical parameters.

After calculating the power and efficient of the motor, this device uses the digital temperature sensor to detect the temperature. The motor testing software can be designed based on the needs of customers, with testing report output.

This magnetic dynamometer is suitable for detecting the direct current motor, common three-phase motor, auto starter motor, windscreen wiper motor, electric bicycle motor, etc. It is also applicable for loading test, efficiency test, temperature rise test, blocked rotor test, etc.

Testing Data
1.Input voltage, current, power factor, frequency, input electric power
2.Output torque, output rotating speed, output power
4.Temperature rise

Structural Picture

1. Encoding disk    2. Magnetic brake    3. Strain gauge    4. Speed sensor    5. Support

System Diagram

1. Temperature signal    2. Magnetizing current    3. Rotating speed signal    4. Torque signal    5. Electrical transducer
6. Electric signal    7. WLK-3B programmable power supply    8. TR-2B torque and speed collector
9. AM-A electric parameter collector    10. TEM-2 temperature collector    11. RS485/RS232 converter

Test Board
The test board of this machine is customizable.

System Introduction
1. In generally, one magnetic dynamometer is used for loading in the measuring system. One TR-2B torque and speed collector is needed to gather the output torque and rotating speed parameters of the motor. One AM-A electrical collector will be configured for collecting the output voltage, current, power factor, frequency and other parameters of the motor. Moreover, a TEM-2 temperature collector is required to get the temperature rising value. The WLK-3B programmable power supply is essential part for controlling the machine.
2. All the instruments are connected to the computer through RS485 bus to realize the automatic motor loading and concentrated datum collection. The real time relation curve between parameters and time will be displayed to record the entire detecting process.
3. Various characteristic curves of the motor will be generated.
4. The report in curve will be output.
5. The testing datum is allowed to be educed to Microsoft Excel file (*.xls) for reprocessing.

1. Our magnetic dynamometer is designed in compact structure so that it is easy for installation and maintenance. It is also extremely durable.
2. This small sized and light device possesses small torque of wind resistance.
3. Equipped with disc rotor, it rotates with small inertia and quick dynamic response.
4. In the indirect water cooling way, its back is specially treated to reduce corrosion.
5. The product chooses the optimized field coils to match the control systems uniformly.
6. It can be operated in thorough automation, keeping stable performance under remote control.
7. Our magnetic dynamometer is able to constitute high precision or ordinary testing boards for it is an extremely commonly used product.
8. It performs with high testing precision and control accuracy.

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