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Brief Introduction
Our eddy current brake is the currently advanced loading dynamometer in China. It is mainly used to measure the mechanical performance of diversified power devices. The DW series together with the DWD series eddy current brake is composed of rotating part like the induction disc, swing part like armature and excitation system, force testing part and calibrating part.

After charging, the field coils will form a closed magnetic circuit. When the induction disc with teeth rotates, the magnetic flux density of each air gap will change periodically. Then the eddy current will be inducted. The interaction between the eddy currents and the magnetic field causes the rotor to generate braking moment. Meanwhile, the equivalent torque forms on the armature with the dragging moment and it will be detected by the force sensor mounted on the armature, reaching the goal of torque measurement.

As to measuring the rotating speed, the contactless magnetoelectric transducer is applied to convert the rotating speed signal into the electric signal output.

This eddy current brake is applicable for testing the performance of small and medium powered motor, automobile, internal combustion engine, gas turbine, water turbine, engineering machinery, machines used in forestry, mine and oil drilling, etc. It can be also used as the power absorbing device for other power equipment.

1.Our eddy current brake offers compact structure, ease of maintenance and operation.
2. With large braking torque and high measuring precision, it works stably.
3. Our product performs with small rotating inertia and quick dynamic response while operating.
4. Cooperating with the measuring and controlling system, it is able to accomplish the automatic operation.

Functional Index
Cooling water pressure: 0.02~0.1Mpa
Outlet water temperature: <55ºC
Rotating direction: Left or right, continuous rotation
Measuring accuracy of torque: ±0.4% F.S
Measuring accuracy of rotating speed: ±1r/min.

Table 1 Main Technical Specifications of DW Series
Model Rated Absorbing Power
Rated Torque N.m Max. Speed r/min Rotational Inertia
Rotational Speed with Rated Torque
DW6 6 25 14000 0.01 2000~2800
DW10 10 50 13000 0.01 2000~2800
DW16 16 70 13000 0.01 2000~2800
DW25 25 120 11000 0.025 2000~2800
DW40 40 160 10000 0.025 2000~2800
DW63 63 250 9000 0.06 2000~2800
DW100 100 400 8500 0.14 2000~2800
DW160 160 600 8000 0.42 2000~2800
DW250 250 1100 7000 0.88 2000~2800
DW300 300 1600 6000 1.8 2000~2800
DW400 400 2200 4300 2.6 2000~2800
DW560 560 3300 5000 3.1 2000~2800
DW630 630 4000 4000 4.2 2000~2800

Table 2 Main Technical Specifications of DWD Series
Model Rated Absorbing Power
Rated Torque N.m Max. Speed r/min Rotational Inertia
Rotational Speed with Rated Torque
DWD63 63 250 7000 0.11 1000~1600
DWD100 100 400 6500 0.19 1000~1600
DWD160 160 650 6000 0.47 1000~1600
DWD250 250 1100 5100 0.93 1000~1600
DWD300 300 1500 5000 1.85 1000~1600
DWD400 400 2200 4000 2.65 1000~1600
DWD560 560 3300 3500 3.13 1000~1600
DWD630 630 4000 3000 4.26 1000~1600
Power characteristic of DW series Load characteristic of DW series Power characteristic of DWD series Load characteristic of DWD series

DWL Series Vertical Eddy Current Brake
When the ordinary DW series dynamometer tests some special machines like hay mower, vertical water pump and gearbox of mixer, the reverse gearbox is the necessary part to convert the vertical transmission to horizontal drive. As the transmission efficiency varies with the working conditions, rotating speed and load, the output testing precision of torque can not be guaranteed. It is difficult for the machine to meet the harsh requirements on test precision.

To the problem, we specially develop the DWL series vertical eddy current brake. This new testing equipment can be installed vertically solving the problems caused by the gearbox efficiency of DW series product. It gets the practical solution for reaching the high precision requirement on torque test.

Aside from the special installation method, our DWL series vertical eddy current brake is totally consistent with the DW series machine on other parameters. To be mentioned, its installation dimension allows to be specially designed depending on users.

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