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Part 1 Brief introduction
The hydraulic press brake is widely used for automobile, machinery, shipbuilding, electrical appliance, light industry, and so on.

1. With an all steel welded structure, this machine has good rigidity and strength. Its internal stress is relieved during production, so the machine precision is kept well.
2. Our product adopts a hydraulic transition system to avoid accidents caused by incorrect operation.
3. Adopting mechanical synchronizing, this hydraulic press brake is stable and reliable to operate.
4. The machine can run in three modes, spot-starting, single stroke and continuous strokes. The pressure-retaining time can also be adjusted.
5. The die has gone through a special heat treatment and is wear-resistant. An anti-deflection mechanism has been equipped on the upper die. Different molds are used and various shapes will be obtained.
6. The upper slide block is an integral faceplate. There is a deflection compensation mechanism which can ensure high precision of the workpieces.
7. The built-in mechanical stop mechanism is fast and convenient to operate.

Part 2 Structure
1. Framework
The framework is mainly welded with left and right upright columns, oil tank, and support plates. The worktable is fixed on the lower part of the left and right upright columns.

2. Slider Part
The slider part is composed of slide block, oil cylinder, mechanical stop fine-tuning mechanism, and so on. Fixed on the framework, the left and right oil cylinders drive the slide block to move up and down through hydraulic piston pole.

The mechanical block is placed at the top of the two oil cylinders. When the slide block is not symmetric, stop it at the top dead centre. Remove the coupling band of the synchronous transmission shaft. Turn the worm in the worm gear box which is mounted on the top of the left and right oil cylinders (clockwise or anticlockwise). Then, press the slide block to the bottom dead centre. Measure and adjust (repeat the above steps) until the slide block is symmetric on its left and right. Finally, position and mount the coupling band.
3. Synchronization Mechanism
Simple in structure, the synchronization mechanism consists of twisting spindle and arm. It performs stably and reliably with high precision.

4. Backgauge Mechanism
Operate the buttons on the panel to make the motor drive the backgauge to move forward and backward. The moved distance is displayed numerically. The minimum reading is 0.10 mm (with limit switch on the front and back). Top pole of the backgauge can rotate around the axis centre, which prevents damage to the workpiece. The backgauge mechanism is fast and convenient to operate. It is of high precision.

5. Compensation Mechanism
Installed on the upper slide block, the compensation mechanism ensures high precision of the workpieces. If there is error of the bent angle, you can loose the screw of molds to move the tapered wedges left and right. Then bending again, you can get the precise angle.

6. Electrical System
Main power source: 380V, 50Hz, 3PH
Each motor and the main loop are protected from short circuit and overload by the recloser. The control loop is equipped with fuse to avoid short circuit. With foot pedals, our product is fast and convenient to operate. It also has indicator lights to show the working condition of the machine. The adopted electrical component is from Siemens or Schneider.

7. Hydraulic System
It mainly consists of motor, gear pump, valve bank, oil tank, oil pipes, and some accessories.

Part 3 Manufacturer of Main Components
1. Rolling bearing: Wafangdian
2. Hydraulic valve: Atos
3. Main motor: Nantong
4. Sealing elements: NOE
5. Electrical appliance: Siemens or Schneider
6. Oil pump: Shanghai Chengjie
7. Oil cylinder: Shandong (China)
8. Molds: Hualian (China)

Part 4 Standards Complied with
GB/T14349-93 《Plate Bending Machine-Precision》
JB/T2257.1-92 《Plate Bending Machine-Engineering Factors》
JB/T10148-1999 《Plate Bending Machine-Safety Technical Requirements》

Part 5 After-sales Service
1. We will arrange staff for installation and test on site. The cost at home is assumed by us, but the cost abroad, including the round-trip fare, should be paid by the buyer.
2. We will provide the operation manual and quality certification.
3. One set of wearing parts and one set tools for installation and maintenance are offered.
4. A one-year warranty starting from the date of installation and acceptance is provided.
5. The buyer can arrange people here to examine and verify the machine as well as to learn how to use the machine (It's free of charge to learn).

Nantong Industrious is a China-based hydraulic press brake manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as metal profile bending machine, busbar leveling machine, elevator rollers, and natural cooling magnetic powder clutch (input output shaft /location support).

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