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The Y3150 gear hobbing machine is suitable for processing various cylindrical spur gears, helical gears and worm gears. It is applicable to single-piece production and mass production. When there are multiple machine tools of the same type, it is suggested to allocate a certain number of equipment for fine cutting, so as to ensure the processing quality.

Model Y3150
Maximum cutting modulus Steel(mm) 5
Cast iron(mm) 6
Maximum diameter when processing spur gear With external fixator(mm) 350
Without external fixator(mm) 500
Maximum diameter for machining cylindrical helical gear When the rotation angle is 30 º(mm) 370
When the rotation angle is 45 º(mm) 250
Maximum vertical stroke length of the hobbing knife (mm) 260
Maximum roll cutting length(mm) 240
Distance from hob mandril centerline to work table centerline Maximum(mm) 320
Least (when the distance from work table surface to hob mandril is less than 85 mm, it is 30 mm) 25
Minimum distance from the work table surface to the hob mandril centerline(mm) 170
Changeable mandril diameter of hobbing knife(mm) 22 27 32
Maximum diameter of hobbing knife(mm) 120
Work table hole diameter(mm) 60
Work table mandril diameter(mm) 30
Hob spindle speed Series 8 Kinds
Range (r / min) 50-275
Hob vertical feed rate per turn of workpiece (mm / rev) 0.24-4.25
Power of main motor(kw) 3
Main motor speed (rev / min) 1430
Pump motor power(kw) 0.125
Pump motor speed (rev / min) 2790
Weight (with attachments)(kg) 2400
Overall size (L × W × H)(mm) 1825 ×935 ×1730

This product has sufficient rigidity. It can process the gear to the desired depth in one time or in several steps (layered cutting). In the layered cutting process, it is necessary to change the cutting parameter according to a certain rule in each time of cutting. If the appropriate cutting speed, feeding amount and reasonable fine cutting depth are chosen and the workpiece is installed correctly, our product can cut a gear with the precision grade of 7.

As this gear hobbing machine is equipped with a hydraulic balancing device to balance the cutting resistance of the knife rest, it can be used for climbing milling so as to increase the production efficiency. In addition, this equipment is equipped with a knife rest moving device and an automatic stopping functioning mechanism, so it is easy to operate.

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