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Profile Bender
The metal profile bending machine produced by our company is an efficient device for processing angle iron, channel iron, I-beam, flat steel, square steel, round steel and other shaped steels. Capable of completing edge rolling and round correction after one-time feeding, it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, water, electricity, shipbuilding and machinery manufacturing industries.

With an advanced structure, this profile bender has complete functions and high efficiency. It is easy to operate and it works reliably. The two lower rollers are the main drive roller. (Three working rollers can also be used as the main drive roller.) Two side rollers do arc down movement around the fixed rotation center. There are no supporting rollers at both sides, which help to ensure the rolling quality of profiles with asymmetric cross-section. In addition, this equipment can be equipped with general-purpose or dedicated molds with advanced structure.

As a professional metal profile bending machine manufacturer and supplier in China, at Nantong Industrious we also offer power tong, multi-grade marine sewage treatment plant, multifunctional busbar processing machine, escalator comb plates, and more.

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