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Part 1 Brief Introduction
1. The hydraulic swing beam shearing machine adopts a steel welded structure and a hydraulic transmission. It has reliable functions and is easy to operate.
2. There is clear instruction plate about the adjustment of blade clearance, making the adjustment easy and quick.
3. The machine is equipped with illumination device and the stroke of the upper blade beam can be adjusted steplessly. In the work zone, safety barrier device has been used for protection.

Part 2 Main Components
1. Airproof rings in oil cylinder - from Japan VALQUA
2. Electrical elements - from Siemens
3. Blade - from Shanghai Blade Factory
4. Oil pump—from Shanghai High Pressure Pump Factory

Part 3 Accompanying Technical Documents
1. User Manual
2. Quality Certificate
3. Packing List

Part 4 Standards Complied with
Chinese National Standard GB/T14401, GB/T14404-93

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