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Part 1 Functions and Features
1. Our hydraulic guillotine shearing machine adopts an all steel welded structure and the internal stress is relieved via vibration, so the equipment has good strength and rigidity.
2. The machine adopts an advanced integrated hydraulic system and has overload protection function.
3. The top blade uses an introvertive structure to improve the cutting precision.
4. Our product adopts the three-point supporting moving guide rail, which can reduce the guide rail gap and improve shearing quality.
5. Rectangular blades are used. All the four blade edges can be used, ensuring a long service life of the blade.
6. The blade gap is adjusted by the hand wheel, which is rapid, accurate and convenient.
7. The shearing angle can be adjusted from 0.5º to 1.5º, which enhances shearing function and reduces material deformation during the shearing process.
8. There are digital display of back gauge dimension and shearing times.
9. A protection fence is installed in front of the work table and a mechanical interlocking device is installed on the electric boxes.

Part 2 Key Components
1. Main airproof rings - from Japan VALQUA
2. Electrics - from Siemens
3. Display - ESTON E10
4. Blades - from Shanghai Blade Factory (Material: 6CrW2Si)
5. Valves - from OMG USA
6. Low - noise gear pump - from qualified supplier in Shanghai

Part 3 Accompanying Technical Documents
1. User Manual (Mechanical Part)
2. Quality Certificate
3. Packing List

Part 4 Standard Complied with
China National Standard GB/T14404-93

Nantong Industrious is an experienced hydraulic guillotine shearing machine manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to metalworking machinery and dies, we also offer busbar processing machine, oilfield equipment & tools, ship environment protection equipment, and more.

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