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G5330 Vertical Sawing Machine
The band sawing machine has high-precision sawing performance. The saw frame moves while the workpiece is kept stationary. The feeding speed can be displayed, which facilitates operation.

Model G5330
Max. Processing Size (mm) 300×300×500
Processing Speed (m/min) 24,45,80/stepless
Saw Band Specification (mm) 0.9×27×3505
Main Motor Output (kw) 3
Throat Depth (mm) 300
Max. Sawing Length (mm) 500
Machine Size (mm) 1150×970×1950

As a China-based band sawing machine manufacturer and supplier, our company provides a broad range of products, including CNC busbar bending machine, elevators spiders, shaft link seat support magnetic powder brake, elevator fan, and more.

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