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Nylon Wrapping Tape
The nylon curing tape is weaved by the nylon high-strength long filaments. With smooth and delicate appearance, our product is soft, straight, aging-resistant and of long service life. We can provide products with the width ranging from 20mm to 175mm. According to customers' different requirements, we can provide different roll length, the maximum of which is 1,500 meters (no junction, no flaws). We can also do different treatment on the tape surface as per customer's requests.

Product Specifications
Type Weight
Breaking strength
2114B 160±10 0.28±0.05 ≥3700
2114H 180±10 0.30±0.05 ≥4200
2121B 200±10 0.33±0.05 ≥3700
2121H 220±10 0.35±0.05 ≥4200
2800 240±10 0.40±0.05 ≥4800
2877 280±10 0.45±0.05 ≥4800
4200 370±10 0.60±0.05 ≥7500
8400 630±10 0.80±0.05 ≥9800

Our nylon wrapping tape is used for various rubber hoses, rubber rollers and rubber fenders. It can be used circularly for many times, which helps to reduce the production cost of the final products. In addition, our high weaving quality can make the appearance of the final product, like hose, perfect. This helps to improve the quality of the final product.

We supply high-quality products to 200 different rubber enterprises, including famous companies like Parker, Contitech, Gates, Goodyear, Trelleborg, Alfagomma, DunlopHiflex, etc.

Nantong Industrious is a professional nylon curing tape manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide array of products, including magnetic powder clutch and brakes, elevator/escalator components, metalworking machinery and dies, sound-proof rubber band, and more.

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